Roberto Medina

Post-doctoral researcher - Real-Time Systems
Ph.D in Computer Science

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roberto.medina-bonilla (at)

2 rue Simone IFF
75012 Paris

Research Domains

Mixed-criticality systems

Scheduling methods and analyses of systems including components with various criticality levels.

Real-time systems

Scheduling methods for programs requiring a response within specified time constraints.

Formal verification

Automata theory, temporal logic and other forms of model checking.


I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (Inria). My research interestes are in the design and analysis of real-time systems.

I prepared my Ph.D. at Télécom ParisTech focusing on safety-critical data-driven applications incorporating the mixed-criticality model.
The scheduling algorithms and methods to compute the availability are included in the Mixed-Criticality DAG Framework.